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Not to buy & try to upgrade, to get working to the old spec is the wise thing on these as buyers won t like you hacking holes for Phono Plugs & 4mm speaker sockets if there are none. The monoblock power amps will have sold twice as quick, which was nice for manufacturers. In Record Player sections, the Cartridge is still mainly old junk no-one cares about unless having a portable record player & wanting to keep it authentic. It s how most goods are really & creates separate markets for each so you know better what is average or best. Accuphase as before & add P20 70w pro power amp £525, brand not in 1980 book; Akai AM-2400, AM-2600 60w £277, AM-2800 80w £287; Alba; Amcron; Amstrad EX-330 35w £78 is this their best amp. Protection Circuits are mentioned too for Transistor amps.

This year appears to only show high quality items & the list is only to be an impressive one, but in 1956 HFYB only listed ones they rated as worthy, actually narrowing their readership a lot, so we ll list the lot. It was real and scary and had no relationship to the first part. created 19 Nov 2011 created 09 May 2012 created 08 Jan 2014 created 03 Jan 2015 created 07 Nov 2016 You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. , A-Z Stereo CU £65 + 2 Mk III amps, £84 + 2 Senior amps. After the almost holiday year of 1960 after the Stereo rush, what is there here hi fi dating site. Again we ll just list the brands as some appear & disappear each year.

Some companies were already lessening their ranges in 1965, by 1966 an optimism must have been around & only when Silicon Transistors were Hifi did said Hifi start to really sell, leaving the boom in 1964 seem minor. Appears to be the Quad II as correctly named now but has to be Mono only as the round push button one is mono, but 1959 book shows the New Quad 22 control unit with the lever buttons & stereo, we had one before. Not going to be much wanted & probably only 5w so not shown in the HFYB.
. ↑Top The 1971 HFYB range of Amplifiers By now it s clear there really isn t much we ve not already encountered & the unknown ones are impossible to find. Some companies still sticking to valve, others making both but still offering the older valve ones that sold well. These books are around as age of original owner is now 57 years ago & assume reader was 30-50 then so time brings them out.

1981 was Chas & Di and still a naiveness & warmth in British life that was very soon gone, you can easily see this looking back as well as having lived through it. .

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