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FAMILY: FELIDAE, SUB-FAMILY: MACHAIRODONTINAE (SABRE-TOOTHED CATS) TRIBE METAILURINI These were Eurasian scimitar-toothed cats that lived during the late Miocene to early Pleistocene. It has the longest canines proportional to body size of any of the modern cats - the length of the fangs in approximately three times greater than the width of the fang at the socket. Skulls show it had a large visual cortex, indicative of a daytime hunter speed dating brea. There is no need for modern big cats to evolve into sabre-tooth forms; it would expend energy on growing the huge teeth but gain no competitive edge over other predators speed dating brea.

The text accompanying this depiction read It is believed by some naturalists that the stripes of the sabre-toothed tiger ran horizontally along the body, while others maintain that they were as represented here. The cat-like form has evolved at least three times: marsupial lions/tigers, Paleofelids and Neofelids. In simplest terms, lumpers like to lump species together into fewer genera based on shared traits. S fatalis californicus and S fatalis floridanus).

The jaw opened to an angle of over 120 degrees, to allow the huge upper canines to be driven into prey. They were among the largest flesh-eating land animals that lived during the Ice Age. Most modern cats have carnassials that can crunch smaller bones, but Smilodon s teeth lacked bone-crunching adaptations and were entirely adapted to shearing soft tissue.
. It was built for short bursts of speed, rather than long chases.

This hyena-like conformation may have allowed them to cover long distances when hunting. .

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